What is CCE? Before we speak about the  importance of continuous and comprehensive evaluation , let us understand what the traditional educational model lacked. The traditional educational system has been running on the same cyclical pattern, wherein the students enroll themselves in the institute. This is followed by them attending classes that are characterized by blackboard teaching, monotonous learning, and a lack of discernible interest in the classes. The uninspiring practices that continue in several schools and higher educational institutes are aimed at preparing the learners just to qualify for the examinations. A wholesome development of students is the major objective of education which includes the intellectual, physical, social, moral, ethical, emotional aspects. A holistic approach is a cornerstone for providing the ideal kind of education to the students and to facilitate that the institute should create a cooperative learning environment within and outside the
  Main Properties of Normal Probability Curve | Statistics   Some of the properties are: 1. The normal curve is symmetrical 2. The normal curve is unimodal 3. Mean, median and mode coincide 4. The maximum ordinate occurs at the centre 5. The normal curve is asymptotic to the X-axis 6. The height of the curve declines symmetrically and Others. 1. The normal curve is symmetrical: The Normal Probability Curve (N.P.C.) is symmetrical about the ordinate of the central point of the curve. It implies that the size, shape and slope of the curve on one side of the curve is identical to that of the other. That is, the normal curve has a bilateral symmetry. If the figure is to be folded along its vertical axis, the two halves would coincide. In other words the left and right values to the middle central point are mirror  images. 2. The normal curve is unimodal: Since there is only one point in the curve which has maximum frequency, the normal probability curve is unimodal, i.e. it has o